Genome 562 Population Genetics
Winter, 2015 J. Felsenstein


January 5Introduction; Hardy-Weinberg proportionsI.1-I.3
7Multiple alleles, difft. sexesI.4, I.6
12Linkage and linkage disequilibriumI.8
14Natural SelectionII.1-II.2
16" "II.4, II.5
19HOLIDAY: Martin Luther King Day
21Polymorphisms and fitnessII.6-II.8
23" " "II.9-II.11
26Kin, group and species selectionII.12
30Maintenance of deleterious mutantsIII.4-III.6
February 2Migration, ClinesIV.1-IV.12
4" "" "
6Inbreeding in pedigreesV.1-V.6
9Regular systems of matingV.9-V.12, V.15
11Inbreeding depressionV.13, V.14
13Genetic driftVI.1-VI.4
16HOLIDAY: Presidents' Day
18Effective population sizeVI.5-VI.8
20Neutral mutation theoryVII.1-VII.2
23Neutral mutation theoryVII.1-VII.2
25Trees of genesX.4-X.6
27Trees of genes, the sequelX.8
March 2Molecular evolutionVII.7, VII.8
4Drift and other forcesVII.4,VII.5
6Drift and other forcesVII.9
9Genetics of quantitative charactersIX.1-IX.5
11Components of varianceIX.6-IX.9
13Selection response" "

Homeworks will be assigned each week, to be turned in the next week.

Exams: none.

Text: Theoretical Evolutionary Genetics, by Joe Felsenstein, publication to be arranged, hopefully about $25

The text will also be available as a PDF that can be downloaded:
from this link

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