Version 1.0 of PopG / Simul8

These are versions of a simple one-locus population genetics simulation program I use in my classes.

simul8.htmlWeb page on how to use and download the programs
simul8.docDescription of how to use the programs (text file)
simul386.exe386 DOS executables
dos4gw.exeRational Systems DOS extender, needed for simul386.exe
simul8.exepre-386 DOS executables
Simul8PPC.binMacintosh PowerMac executables, in MacBinary format
Simul868.binMacintosh 68k executables, in MacBinary format
simul8.alphaDEC Alpha executables using X windows and Digital Unix
simul8.linux386/486/Pentium executables using X windows and Linux
simul8.rs6IBM RS6000 executables using X windows and AIX
simul8.dsDECstation 2100/3100/5000 executables using X windows
simul8.sunSun SPARCstation executables using X windows
simul8.cC source code
MakefileThe Makefile for compiling the C source code on Unix

The executables are binaries. If they display in your browser it may be possible to save them. The simul8.doc and Makefile are text files and will display as text files and must be saved from your browser.

In some browsers you can right-click on these links and choose a menu option that enables you to save the target of the link (the file it is pointing to).

If you use simul386.exe, you should also get dos4gw.exe and put it in the root directory (C:\) of your system to enable protected memory to be used.

Please note that all of these files are copyrighted. Permission is granted to copy and use them provided no resale or other commercial use is made of them, and provided the copyright notices are not removed.

DOS4GW.EXE is provided with the Waterloo C 9.0 compiler and is legally allowed to be distributed along with a program compiled under that compiler, in this case simul386.exe.

The PowerMac and Macintosh executables are based on a Pascal source code which was modified from version 1.0 of Mark Wells's program PopG. PopG 2.0 was formerly distributed in this directory. For those that want it, it will be found in the subdirectory PopG of this directory.

Joe Felsenstein

joe (at)
Dept. of Genome Sciences, Univ. of Washington, Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065