2014 SISG Module 12

Molecular Phylogenetics


Monday July 14: Day I
8:30am to 10:00amIntroduction, parsimony, distance methods (Mark Holder)
" " Parsimony methods for phylogeny reconstruction (Mark Holder)
" " Distance-based methods for phylogeny reconstruction (Mark Holder)
10:30am to noonTopology searching (Mark Holder)
" " Parsimony and distances demo in PAUP* (Mark Holder)
1:30pm to 3:00pmNucleotide substitution models and transition probabilities     (Jeff Thorne)
" " Likelihood (Joe Felsenstein)
3:30pm to 5:00pm PHYLIP lab: Likelihood (Joe Felsenstein)
" " PAUP* lab (Mark Holder)
Tuesday, July 15: Day II
8:30am to 10:00amBootstraps and testing trees (Joe Felsenstein)
" " PHYLIP lab: Bootstrapping (Joe Felsenstein)
10:30am to noonMore realistic models (Jeff Thorne)
1:30pm to 3:00pmBayesian inference and Bayesian phylogenetics (Jeff Thorne)
3:30pm to 5:00pmMrBayes lab (Mark Holder)
5:00pm to 6:00pmTutorial (Question and answer)
Wednesday, July 16: Day III
8:30am to 10:00amDivergence time estimation (Jeff Thorne)
" " BEAST demo (Mark Holder)
10:30am to noonThe coalescent, comparative methods and the future (Joe Felsenstein)