Submission form for descriptions of Phylogeny Programs

If you have a program or package that you want listed in the Phylogeny Programs listing, please fill out this form. Then press the Preview button at the bottom. You will be shown a preview, and you can correct it by pressing the Back button at the bottom of the preview page. When it is correct, press the Send button on the preview page. It will email the information to me, and I will evaluate it and (if appropriate and properly filled out) I will modify it as needed, and see whether we can add this listing. Note that if you have a program icon you should also email it to us as (if possible) a 32x32 JPG or GIF so we can use it as a visual tag that adds interest).

An advantage of using this form is that entries done this way will "jump the queue" and be entered ahead of entries that are in our usual Waiting List.

This form is experimental and we will be expanding it as we discover its limitations. It allows you to compose a rather stereotyped entry more or less as it will appear. The text in italic like this is not part of the entry but is instructions for you.

I have filled in the form with a description of my PHYLIP package, to provide an example. You should of course erase or replace all of that.

And please, do not paste some sequence data into this form and submit it! Some people have done that. This is not a server to run PHYLIP! It is a submission form for descriptions of software.

Names of the main program authors
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The short description of the program
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Reference described in the paper:
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