Genome 562 Population Genetics
Winter, 2017 J. Felsenstein


January 4Introduction; Hardy-Weinberg proportionsI.1-I.3
6Multiple alleles, difft. sexesI.4, I.6
11Linkage and linkage disequilibriumI.8
13Natural SelectionII.1-II.2
16HOLIDAY: Martin Luther King Day
18" "II.4, II.5
20Polymorphisms and fitnessII.6-II.8
23" " "II.9-II.11
25Kin, group and species selectionII.12
30Maintenance of deleterious mutantsIII.4-III.6
February 1Migration, ClinesIV.1-IV.12
3" "" "
6Inbreeding in pedigreesV.1-V.6
8Regular systems of inbreeding matingV.9-V.12, V.15
10Inbreeding depressionV.13, V.14
13Genetic driftVI.1-VI.4
15Effective population sizeVI.5-VI.8
17Neutral mutation theoryVII.1-VII.2
20HOLIDAY: Presidents' Day
22Neutral mutation theoryVII.1-VII.2
24Trees of genesX.4-X.6
27Trees of genes, the sequelX.8
March 1Molecular evolutionVII.7, VII.8
3Drift and other forcesVII.4,VII.5, VII.9
6Genetics of quantitative charactersIX.1-IX.5
8Components of varianceIX.6-IX.9
10Selection response" "

Homeworks will be assigned each week, to be turned in the next week.

Exams: none.

Text: Theoretical Evolutionary Genetics, by Joe Felsenstein, publication to be arranged, hopefully about $27

The text will also be available as a PDF that can be downloaded:
from this link

The textbook is under revision and will not be in its 2017 version until the end of the first week of class. The 2015 version is similar and can be used until then.

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