A postscript has been added here.

Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping Meeting

Seattle, Washington, 1999

This is an informal meeting organized by Mark Grote (mngrote (at) ucdavis.edu) and Tony Long (tdlong (at) uci.edu). It is being hosted by the Felsenstein lab at UW. Tony and Mark will be responsible for all the controversial decisions.


Saturday, November 20, 1999. 9am - 5pm.


University of Washington, Seattle. The meeting will be held in room 322 South Campus Center.


Book and pay for your own. Note -- that day is the annual football game between the University of Washington and Washington State University. So book accomodations soon.

Some nearby motels and inns (walking distance):

There are others too (Travelodge, University Motel).

Travel to Seattle:

Many airlines fly to Seattle, including United, Delta, US Air, Alaska, Northwest and Air Canada.

Getting to the University and nearby motels: From the airport, you can take Shuttle Express, taxis, or even city buses. Shuttle Express costs about $25, taxi $35 or so, and city bus $1.25.

Shuttle Express has desks at the north and the south ends of the baggage claim areas. You do not need to pre-book (though for departure from Seattle, you need to). They can simply be told the name of the motel with the phrase "in the University District". They can usually get you onto a shuttle within 30 minutes, though your stop may not be the first one they go to.

Taxi drivers will often know the motel locations too. However as insurance you might tell them where it is

City buses: You can take a 194 bus from the stand at the south (downstream) end of the baggage claim area (make sure you take the one going downtown, not to Federal Way). It will go downtown to the (extremely grand) bus tunnel where you can catch a 71, 72, or 73 bus northbound to the University District. This takes longer than shuttle or taxi and could be inconvenient with large luggage. To get to the Silver Cloud, one might have to take a third bus, the 65, at 15th and Campus Parkway, and then walk north from University Village shopping center along 25th.


The meeting will be held in the Room 322 South Campus Center, which is located on Portage Bay near the Health Sciences complex. This is a very comfortable room with a great view.

(Note that we previously had announced a different room and building. This is the correct current location.)

To reach the building, if you are coming south on 15th Avenue, continue across Pacific Avenue (the boulevard that passes in front of the Health Sciences Buildings) and follow 15th as it goes downhill toward Portage Bay. As it nears the water it will turn gradually left. Follow it to the parking kiosk (if you have a car, note that we can arrange use of that lot if you contact me in advance). If you walk past the kiosk and go straight ahead, the second drive on the right will be the entrance to the top level of the S-1 parking garage. Walk across that level -- the entrance to the South Campus Center will be straight ahead.

Once inside the building, turn left. Just past the candy counter, a sign overhead will indicate that room 322 is to the right. It is down that side corridor at the end.

Here are maps showing:

On both maps the Center is at map coordinate K-17, indicated by the red circles.

Schedule of talks

We are assuming that the meeting will be from 9am - 5pm (the building is open starting at 9am). Lunch can happen at one of several nearby locations. The detailed schedule has been drawn up by Tony Long (tdlong (at) uci.edu). Changes will be posted as soon as they are received.

All talks will be 30 minutes with 20 minutes allotted for discussion. The exception is Chuck's talk which is an introduction to the problem.

time speaker title
9:00 am Chuck Langley Can theoretical population geneticists
   contribute to association mapping?
9:20 am Dick Hudson Using two-locus sampling distributions
  to estimate parameters and map traits
10:10 am BREAK
10:30 am Rasmus Nielsen Statistical analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)
11:20 am Debbie Nickerson A view from the trenches on SNPs
  and linkage disequilibrium in humans
12:10 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm Mark Grote Stochastic perturbation results for the two-locus
   model and statistical estimation of 4Nc
2:20 pm Norm Kaplan Some issues concerning the use of association studies
   for fine mapping a susceptibility gene for a complex disease
3:10 pm BREAK
3:30 pm Mary Kuhner Disequilibrium mapping via Metropolis-Hastings sampling
4:20 pm Nicky Chapman Survival of junctions in regular mating
   systems and random mating populations
5:10 pm End meeting

Rest rooms:

On the same floor of the South Campus Center as the meeting room, just to the left of the candy counter. Also another set one floor down.


The South Campus Center "candy counter" will be open at 10am on the day of the meeting. It has coffee available for purchase as well as candy, cookies, other junk food snackies, newspapers, and some over-the-counter medications. Pop machines are available in the lounge areas near the meeting.


The two nearest places for lunch are: However both of these may be heavily impacted by people having lunch before the big football game, which starts just after lunchtime.

Other information (for example any dinner arrangements) will be posted here as soon as we can.

Joe Felsenstein
(joe (at) genetics.washington.edu)

Postscript: The meeting occurred as scheduled, with 27 people attending, 16 from Seattle, 11 from elsewhere. Discussion was lively and people seemed to enjoy it. As the football game started at 12:30, it did not disrupt lunch (most people went to Agua Verde). The speakers were as shown in the program schedule above. The meeting having grown by a factor of about 3 from last time it was held, we can look forward confidently to its being a major event in a few years, with several hotels and a large commercial exhibit hall involved.