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This directory contains the paper:

    Felsenstein, J. and H. Kishino.   1993.  Is there something wrong with
       the bootstrap on phylogenies?  A reply to Hillis and Bull.  Systematic
       Biology  42: 193-200  (June)

The files are:

hillis.tex         LaTeX input file for the manuscript
hillis.dvi         LaTeX DVI device-independent output file          Postscript version of manuscript
fig1.idraw         Postscript of figure 1, from "idraw" draw program
fig2.idraw         Postscript of figure 2, from "idraw" draw program
fig3.idraw         Postscript of figure 3, from "idraw" draw program
fig4.idraw         Postscript of figure 4, from "idraw" draw program
fig5.idraw         Postscript of figure 5, from "idraw" draw program            Postscript of figure 6

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