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In this directory will be found the LaTeX source, Postscript figures, and
a Postscript output file of the manuscript:

   Felsenstein, J., M. K. Kuhner, J. Yamato, and P. Beerli. 1999. Likelihoods
     on coalescents: a Monte Carlo sampling approach to inferring parameters
     from population samples of molecular data.  pp. 163-185 in "Statistics in
     Molecular Biology and Genetics", ed.  Francoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch.
     IMS Lecture Notes-Monograph Series, volume 33.  Institute of Mathematical
     Statistics and American Mathematical Society, Hayward, California.

    The files are:

        ims.tex            LaTeX source (uses Annals of Statistics style sheet aos.sty)                 Figure 1, in Postscript                 Figure 2, in Postscript                 Figure 3, in Postscript                 Figure 4, in Postscript                 Figure 5, in Postscript                 Figure 6, in Postscript             Postscript for the manuscript

        ims.pdf            PDF of the manuscript

ERRATUM: There is one typographical error in the manuscript. In equation 7.4, in the numerator of the central term, there is a "Pi" which should have been the Greek capital letter Pi, symbolizing a repeated product, similar to the expression in the denominator of the central term. But the backslash symbol was left off in a typographical error, so LaTeX never converted the letters "P" and "i" to the Greek capital letter.

There is a free PDF of the published version of the paper, thanks to Project Euclid, available here

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